Hey guys, I’ve been slacking on my blogging game, so be prepared for a slew of posts to come your way

If you may recall I’m graduating in May, so I won’t be able to do The Medium anymore. Bittersweet moments all around; I don’t have to worry about staying up until 2am every Monday night finishing this, but also I will dearly miss making people laugh. Here is our final issue in Bitly form! Bitly is actually better than I thought it would, despite my previous comments on the discussion board.

Medium Issue 5-01-13

Read my obituary as well!


Posted by: johnnyebbs | April 4, 2013

The Daily Medium… The Reason Why I Missed Class


Once a year we at The Medium create an issue that is in its essence, a fake Targum. 8 pages of nothing but fake news.

Many of you may have picked up an issue yesterday, and if you enjoyed it let me know! The Medium staff was up till 5am drafting this, so there was no way I was going to class on 4hrs of sleep (Sorry, Bridges). This issue also garners a bit of respect for the Targum itself; while they do have a larger staff, the fact they create 8 pages of stuff every day is remarkable.

Here’s the link if you wanna give it a read online! http://www.rutgersmedium.com/

New Pope Celebration

Courtesy of my next-level Photoshopping skills, as seen in this  weeks issue of The Medium

Posted by: johnnyebbs | March 15, 2013

I Give Up on Jing



First, the macs in the Medium production room wouldn’t let me download the software. Next I find my silly PC doesn’t have a built-in microphone. I purchase those new iPhone headphones with the built-in mic, but when I plugged them in they didn’t work either. Youtube suggests I need an adapter but I don’t know where to acquire them. The downloading of Jing didn’t give me any problems, it’s just the microphone that’s giving me issues. I made a Jing video anyways, just to complete the assignment. I chose Kristen’s blog “Flour Child Recipes” because for the pure and simple fact that I enjoy it when people  talk about food. Her bog is clean and straightforward; I had no problems navigating it.

Posted by: johnnyebbs | February 28, 2013

The Medium’s AXO article: What’s Your Take?


Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past two days, then you should all know about the Medium’s recent article about the Alphi Chi Omega sorority. I don’t know whether anyone will take whatever I have to say here out of context (It’s a crazy world we live in), so I’ll save my personal opinion for later.

Share your thoughts with me: the news editor.

Posted by: johnnyebbs | February 23, 2013

Blog Commercial: Mehhhh


Well that was an interesting experience! Unlike my vast knowledge of photoshop, garageband was completely new to me. Looking back it turned out to be less stressful than I had originally thought, but still… It had its annoyances.

First off, it took me a while to properly fiddle with ascending and descending of the songs I chose, as nearly every time I clicked that light blue line one of those dots popped up; way more than necessary. Splicing the songs wasn’t so much as choosing the songs were. I had to make sure they were some pretty catchy tunes if they were gonna make my blog

The two songs that I ended up choosing were ” Whatever Happened” by The Strokes, and “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” by Ida Maria. The Strokes are in my top 3 for favorite bands of all time, and I was debating between them and Pearl Jam, but I’m happy I stuck with The Strokes. I cut out the first ten seconds of the original song as I feared it would make the final product too long, and I wanted to ease into my little spiel when the chorus was over. As for Ida Maria, I caught onto the song a couple of weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoy it. Very catchy, and it also makes me laugh ( you probably guess why, and yes I have simple sense of humor, deal with it).

The hardest part I found was recording my own voice, as I HATE LISTENING TO MY VOICE BEING PLAYED BACK TO ME! It always sounds weird to me, and slightly feminine sometimes when I say the letter “S”. I literally went through 30 tries before I found the one I liked. It was nerve-racking, but I’m glad I settled  on one. Hopefully you guys think the finished product is halfway decent and that all that matters to me.


Posted by: johnnyebbs | February 15, 2013

Singing In Private > Singing In Public


Singing in general is a unique talent. Not everyone, including myself, can sing a melody pitch perfectly. And if people such as myself ever tried to sing out in public, we’d be instantly ridiculed, and rightfully so. No one wants to hear someone sing their favorite song off-key. That is, until, you sing in private. When in the confines of your own home, you become the American idol you always wanted. You can finally try your best at singing those ridiculously high Coldplay songs (they’ve gotten better at making them more singer friendly, but still…). I myself love to sing in private, especially the shower, as seen in my photo here….

Shower singing Blogpost

Courtesy of my next level photoshopping skills

Blog Header

I don’t know who created Photoshop and for what reason, but I can tell you that the creator must’ve had a good sense of humor.  Photoshop provides comedic gold for nearly any situation, as it gives the user full power to edit the picture of their choosing however they like.  As an editor of The Medium, I use Photoshop in every single issue, as it helps aesthetically boost our brand of humor. Also its sort of a stress reliever, as you can make ordinary celebs commit obscene/absurd acts they wouldn’t normally do (how could you not laugh at that?!).

As for the picture itself, I always like the picture of Napoleon on a horse. To me it showed true power, as well as the ridiculousness of these painters.  That horse is legit freaking out and Napoleon  is as calm as can be. As for the lightsaber, I’ve been a big fan of Star Wars as a kid, and have always wanted to own one of those suckers. What better way to live out that dream that by photoshopping it in?

Now who is that lovely lady riding with me? That, my friends, is the B-E-A-Utiful Giada de Laurentiis. She’s an Italian goddess, as well as tv host for the [critically acclaimed] Food Network Giada at Home.  Besides the fact she’s physically gorgeous, she has this weird way of ultra-pronunciating Italian words that I absolutely adore (see one of her shows and you’ll know what I mean Giada At Home.I guess she’s a good cook too.

giada_full Giada-De-Laurentiis-001

But John, she’s married! A minor setback. But in the realms of photoshop, she’s MY girl, forever and always.

All in all, I’m going to stick with this header. In my mind I like to think I’m the king of the world who rides into battle on a drugged up horse wielding a lightsaber with the girl of my dreams riding with me. That, and it just makes me laugh.

I don’t plan on using this blog long after I graduate (That’s why I have a Twitter), but until such time, enjoy the glory that is my photoshop prowess…
We’re doing it my way and WE’RE DOING IT LIVE!!!!

Posted by: johnnyebbs | February 14, 2013

Sell out, with me oh yeah! (Follow Up Post)


The link is now up for yesterday’s issue of The Medium! Check it out here >> Medium 2/13

Now in bright, bold colors… OOOOO I SEE RED!

Read, Laugh and Enjoy!

Posted by: johnnyebbs | February 13, 2013

Greek yogurt goes well with just about anything… and mint chocolate chip ice cream will hands down be my favorite flavor. They make a great combo!

Flour Child Recipes

This ice cream is the MacGyver of all ice creams. It’s innovative, and pure perfection. Thanks to the wonders of Greek yogurt, suddenly


desserts that were once forbidden have gone Grecian and are now amazingly low-cal!

This blog is all about simple recipes that anyone can do with ingredients you most likely already have in your cabinets or refrigerator. I love the surprise when you discover some of your favorite foods that seem SO complicated to make are

actually amazingly easy and super quick too! Today’s Greek ice cream recipe is all of those things. Now, when I think of making ice cream, two things come to mind. The first is a bonnet-clad colonial woman whipping cream in one of those wooden churns, and the second (more modern) image that appears is one of those fancy, expensive ice cream machines which takes nearly an hour to spew out only…

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